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Been a Leader since 2004

March 2, 2013 ~ Filed Under: College, Daily Life, Robocity Leaders ~ 356 words

I have to do my essay for a class that I MUST finish in order to graduate, but there is so much Leadership paperwork that’s also nagging me and commanding my attention that it’s difficult to concentrate on either one. I’m prioritizing school right now, since I have a very real threat of not accompanying my graduating class if I fall behind in my studies.

Hopefully I will finish in a timely manner, enough so that I’ll have time to set aside for Leadership paperwork, but I will not do it quickly at the risk of quality for either one. That’s ridiculous; if you do not have the time to do something right and well on the first time.. when do you suppose you’ll find the time to do it over the correct and quality way for a second time?

And I want to add a thought:

I became the youngest Leader to assume the authority at age ten.

One might think that a child is hardly capable of such things, but I was met with nothing but encouragement and positivity at every turn. Such a lucky boy I was—  and lucky man I am now. Engaged, studious, and with ten years of Leadership on my back. That means a lot to me.

Between December 2013 and January 2014, we Leaders —with the help of ALL the Rolamaton citizens— are going to nominate three new successors for the upcoming decade, but I hope in a way that it will not be me or that I am even eligible… because I’m honestly tired after nearly ten years of this job, and if I get enough money to, I want to enroll to university.

I do graduate from the Rolamaton High School this coming June, but it is a lot to handle for a man of my age who only just got out into “the real world” and out of academia.

And then there’s Selenia, who’s pregnant with our first child and we’re soon getting married. Perhaps in May 2013, if we don’t get delayed.

Wish me good luck. :)


Volunteering in 2013

January 1, 2013 ~ Filed Under: School, Volunteering ~ 327 words

HAPPY 2013!!! :D

Welcome to the new year! May it bring you happiness, health, success and plenty of new friends. ;) Truly with my most heartfelt wishes.

I’ve volunteered some of my time to work with the students on their college papers. If you’ve ever heard about College-Paper.org, you’ll know why I chose to continue providing this service. The website I mentioned is super cheap and has a great team of writers to its side, while I only have myself (and Fulmine), but that doesn’t make it less exciting. :) I love to help!

I have so many different students coming to me with all sorts of interesting topics and papers, various writing styles, skill sets and stages of development in their writings. The one that has captured my attention the most is a young Robocitan who is taking a creative writing course at Fulmine’s monthly seminars and is writing a fictional story based on her grandmother’s (or her creator’s mother’s) quilt. She talks about where each patch came from, what it meant, was it a piece of clothing or a childhood blanket? The story is so deep and interesting, she doesn’t seem to need too much of my assistance, but wanted someone to double check and proof read to make sure everything flowed properly.

And it does! I cannot wait to see her finished paper! :D

Students like this DO make me proud. She helped me realize I can truly change people’s lives when I offer my help to have them see their dreams come true. :) I’m HAPPY. It could never be any different.

That’s also the main reason why I’m a Leader. I enjoy helping people. I enjoy turning their average life into a better one. Modesty aside, I think that’s my vocation. ^_^ And I love it.

What’s your vocation? What’s your volunteering plan for 2013? Let’s share!


Office hours and a hint about last Reunion of 2012

December 14, 2012 ~ Filed Under: Monthly Reunions, Robocity Leaders, Updates ~ 267 words

I will continue providing my essay writing services at Fulmine’s office for another six months, so any Robocitan reading this post please take note of my office hours for January – May 2013:

Tuesday 4:00-6:00 PM
Friday 5:00-6:00 PM
(occasionally) Saturday 10:00-12:00 AM

On the Monthly Reunion of Saturday 29th we’ll discuss a few important things for the new year, including the administration of the lower gov. annual donation given to Rolamaton and the money contributed by working citizens every month. We could be growing the city with a fifth building in 2013, but that will depend on the available funds at the moment of the loan request. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, guys. ;)

The other things we’ll be discussing are some kind of etiquette for our public locals and for park usage, as well as access to the canteen. In fact, we’ve been noticing that our public places have been stages for bad dramas among citizens over the last few years, and we have lazy Robocitans with a kitchen home who still use the canteen and put other citizens without kitchen in trouble with their meals. From now on, we’ll give each Robocitan withou a kitchen a pass for the canteen, while the others will have to eat home. Sorry guys, but this is for the best; Rolamaton was founded to give everybody equal opportunities, and this is not something to be proud of.

I’ll keep you updated. ^_^

Thanks to 911essay.com for providing such good samples my fellow students can learn from. :)


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