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Iniative to help fight lung cancer

December 23, 2009 ~ Filed Under: Updates ~ 337 words

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bidazzled. All opinions are 100% mine.

All people, online and offline, who have known me for quite some time know how attentive I am to charity programs and volunteering associations. I do volunteer myself, monthly, in hospitals and refugee centers for immigrants, and I’ve always been supportive of initiatives that would help the poor and finance research against cancer and other serious still incurable diseases. It’s a reason why Bidazzled and its initiative stroke my heart with special strenght. Bidazzled is a simple auction site, like eBay, but it shows off some important differences that make it so far from eBay’s image and others like that. In fact, not just bid credits are given for free to everyone who signs up – and you can get a TV for $1 if you won at that price, with no reserves! – but the money the website earns with our auctions and activities will be given out to charities, and especially to help research against lung cancer (see www.ruchfoundation.com). When I saw this, I immediately felt like supporting this website and its activity. :) It’s good to give a hand to others and help improving their life, even through little things like this one.

So, if you ever decide to use Bidazzled for your auctions and bids, you have a chance to get discounts and free bids until January 15th with these codes (apply them on registration form):

Blog: BBP1202A
Twitter: BTP1202A

Normally, you can buy bids in packs for $25 to use on the site. Might look kind of odd, but these money are used for a good cause, and that motivates it all. It’s time of Christmas, and it would be a great gift for those people who are hopeful for a chance of surviving lung cancer. :) We can help them, and still enjoy life, with this initiative.

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What should I do?

December 20, 2009 ~ Filed Under: Updates ~ 199 words

My girlfriend and I are on the edge of a BIG fight, and I mean a serious one.
I don’t remember ever fighting with her like this, I feel really down… and it’s my fault. :(
I’m never there for her, always busy around my Leadership job, the volunteering and charity work, the school assignments, projects, and homework, my family duties… Where am I finding the time to spend with Selenia??? :(
See, I haven’t updated my blog here for 3 weeks, and it’s for the same reason: lack of time. What should I drop to make more time for Selenia? Probably I should quit volunteering. I deeply care about that activity, especially since I do it together with Commander, but now… now it’s probably time to give it up. For my girlfriend’s sake, and our love’s. I’m sure that Commander will understand too, it’s just that… I feel so bad about it. :( I wish I had more time for everything, and for her too. I love Selenia, I love her with all my heart, and this situation really sucks. Oh God how much it does… What should I do…?

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I’m tired. Period.

November 30, 2009 ~ Filed Under: Updates ~ 139 words

Trying to catch up with online stuff has become so freaking hard. Eek! @_@ Also, it’s time I update the blog dedicated to my mommy too, eileen.so-angelic.info… I haven’t in such a long time! But today us Leaders had another Monthly Reunion, and it lasted until an hour ago. They’re becoming longer and longer, and I don’t know why… I will try to limit them from now on, and convince Commander Police and Shotfire to cut it short, until it’s a very important and urgent reunion. I’m just so tired. I don’t need other hassles or chores to do for the day. Just want to rest. Period.

EDIT:// Please Cyc, leave me alone T_T I’m not in the mood really!


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