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~ My wife is pregnant with our second child! (30/06/2018)


It’s a boy! :D

April 25, 2013 ~ Filed Under: Daily Life, Updates, Writing ~ 319 words

Pass out the cigars with the blue wrappers, we’re having a boy!!! :D

I couldn’t be more excited to have a little man running around my house. I think that before I knew it, I knew I wanted a boy.  Selenia and I cried with joy when we found out—  how could we not?  He’s going to be perfect, and now we have a starting point to where we’re going to start picking out baby names. ;) Oh, that’s gonna be the fun part, trust me. Hehe.

As for my essay writing activity, having dropped it brought its good results. I’m doing better with school papers and my essays are more in-depth. Sometimes a bit of rest in the evening and a more focused work on school assignments is what makes the difference— even though I miss writing for Fulmine. Really. ^_^ When I look at websites like Essay-Bag.com (it’s targeted to Australian students, but who cares? I visit it anyway) I feel I miss my volunteer activity even more, but a day only has 24 hours, and I have only so much time each day to dedicate to writing. It’s tough, but it has to wait.

Right now, I’m halfway to finish a paper that’s due tomorrow. I wish I had not to work today, because it’s an important day here in Italy – Liberation Day – but I had no time to work on this assignment last night (I literally crashed!) so there was no other choice but complete it today. It’s 6:32 in the afternoon and I have all the evening, thus I’m sure I’ll be done with it soon after dinner.

It’s Selenia time tonight. :) She deserves it— all her patience to wait for me when I run errands morning to night is and was always a saintly patience. Thank you, sweetheart. <3


I quit writing for Fulmine (and some thoughts about Selenia’s pregnancy)

April 13, 2013 ~ Filed Under: Love Life, Volunteering, Writing ~ 330 words

I really wish I could stay on with Fulmine’s essay writing service, but it’s just too much to handle right now with everything going on in my life. We had a long talk, and while he agrees that it is sad to see me go, he knows that I need to put my priorities in order for graduation and focus on my own papers so I actually DO get to go on and graduate from college.

After all, how effective would I be helping others write essays when I fail at writing my own? Fulmine pointed that out to me and I’m hard pressed to disagree with him.

So I told Fulmine he could train some of his staff after the Australia-tailored writing service named SuperiorPapers.com, which I think would really help his business and help reach more people who need his help. He said he would put serious consideration into it, but he looked really pleased with the idea when I brought it up. Now it’s only a matter of his decision. I’ll be there to support him in any possible way, although I can no longer write for him. At least, until graduation.

In other news, I’m more and more excited for September 2013 to marry Selenia, my girlfriend who is four months pregnant with our child. Watching her grow bigger is just amazing! :D If it’s even possible, she gets more and more beautiful every day; what they say about the “pregnancy glow” is no myth! Selenia glows!

I wonder whom she’s carrying; what he or she will look like, be like, what they will do with their life… Sometimes I find myself staring at her stomach, just wondering. And she seems to like that… I make her giggle! Eheh. ^^

Well, I’m better off to finish studying that Linear Algebra chapter. I’ll come around soon.


Slowing Down and Wedding Plans

April 11, 2013 ~ Filed Under: College, Love Life, Updates, Writing ~ 326 words

I continue assisting Fulmine Petti with his writing and tutoring service in my spare time, although I doubt I can keep up with all of my tasks.

Time management has been getting tougher and tougher as I approach graduation, so it might be time to put some volunteer work on hold. Just temporarily, mind you. :)

I love what I do!

Bet this is going to make Selenia happy once again.

She’s rather pissed off at my lack of time to dedicate to her; also, since she’s gotten pregnant, she’s even more fussy about things.

But I can understand that, and I have my share of responsibility anyway. She’s pregnant because we are together, and I’m the creature’s daddy; that means a lot.

I can’t wait to get married and to give my new family a certain financial and emotional stability.

Selenia’s father — Silencer Echo — is one of my bestest friends and he agreed on the marriage already. Sele’s adoptive mom — Jessica — is a little less willful about such an early wedding, but she thinks it’s OK after all, since we’re both robots AND we are going to have a baby.

If everything goes as agreed upon, Sele and I will get married in September this year. <3

Now, to switch back to writing— the fact that I’m slowing down volunteer work doesn’t mean I have less writing to do.

Actually, it’s just as much: school projects can be a pain when you approach graduation and I have two papers to hand in just next Monday.

If you couple that with my high academic standards and my innate perfectionism when it comes to writing… you have a student who is able to spend the goodness of 12 hours on a single paper in a day!

Yeah, I know – it can get that crazy. ^^”

And that’s I need to slow down; absolutely.


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