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Overloaded again…

September 27, 2010 ~ Filed Under: Updates ~ 147 words

Just a quick post before dinner to let you know that I discovered another website where to get easy Coupons to use online and offline: CouponUs.com It’s a cute site. :) Check it out.

Personal news now: I’m overloaded with paperwork (job), homework (school) and housework (family). I bet I’m the busier kid on planet Earth, and I’m starting to have enough about it. I mean, why don’t my siblings move their aft’s and get things done at home for once?! No, everything must be on my shoulders. I got school work, classes and reviews to do, and then there is my job as a Leader to contribute to it. Why don’t they just understand that I’m not able to handle all this stress… ? =__= But yeah, it’s better not to go to eat with this crapload of negative feelings on the stomach. It affects digestion.


A scooter or a subscription? That’s a dilemma.

September 9, 2010 ~ Filed Under: Updates ~ 177 words

Rayner’s birthday is approaching, on December 17th (yeah, two months away only! ^^) and I was wondering whether to buy him a subscription to worldscinet.com, or a push scooter from fun4kids.co.uk.

The scooter would be cheaper on my pocket, that’s granted, and I must say that the Rocket Electric Escooter Scooter E20 – 24v is not bad at all!

I was I was still a kid like Ratchy too, just to ride it. XD Ahah!

So anyway, that’s one of the best seller scooter from the shop, but there are other nice ones too. I have to see what’s better for my pocket next month.

Wish me to make a happy choice! ;P

Sponsored by fun4kids.co.uk


Always after dad!

September 3, 2010 ~ Filed Under: Updates ~ 215 words

My 100th post here! ^.^ Wow! I wouldn’t know I’d arrive to such a milestone so soon. :P I don’t write here as often as I should, and I must say 100 posts is not that much considering that I bought EileenSON.org on 2008 and it also includes entries from my previous blogs; but after all, milestones are there to set a new milestone, a new goal, and that’s the fun. ;3 I’m looking forward to post number 200 now. Heh.

So, family randomness… :P Dad is once again after horse racing betting games. Blessed man! He’s going to drive me and Ceron crazy one day. Ravenoria doesn’t even know what horse race betting is, and that means that my big brother and I are the only ones who can keep dad under control. Bro Stormer doesn’t give a damn about dad’s wellbeing. =.=” But that’s another story, ugh. I recommended dad to stick to Racebook.com as a horse racing bet site, as it looks safe. We’ll see what he does, now. I hope Cyc is keeping a good eye over him.

Anyway, we’ve had some birthdays last month. ^^ Dad’s on August 13th (34 years), and Eron’s on the 18th (the little one turned 12! x3). I’ll tell you more about it on another day though. Later guys. ;)


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