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Thank you Magnus!

December 13, 2011 ~ Filed Under: Updates ~ 317 words

This post brought to you by Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine.

Oh my, I couldn’t thank Caleb enough for referring me to this fabulous offer! :D

Looks like Sprint.com is giving out Android™ powered EVO 4G devices Shift devices for FREE! Cool!

From what I read, activation is done at no charge as well – that is, if we do everything online. Uh-uhm… nice. ;3

Android™ powered EVO 4G and EVO™ Shift are among my favorite devices. Plus, I LOVE Android OS!

The page I linked above also presents a green initiative that I found particularly good for us Robocitans: we can give up our old phones and get up to $250 – with the Sprint Buyback program.

Regarding the phone plan, I think I will go for an Everything Data plan for $79.99/month, which is really nothing compared to other Unlimited plans! :) That’s another reason I love AT&T and Verizon so much – Vodafone is fine, but sometimes it gets too expensive. So, the plan comes with unlimited text and minutes, particularly to or from any U.S. phone. Cool, especially because I have a lot of friends and contacts abroad. That’s gonna come handy over time. ^^

Thank you so much, Caleb! :) I hope you’re going to take advantage of the offer too, while it lasts. It’s like manna from Heaven for us Robocitans.

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Firebot and dad’s crisis

October 12, 2011 ~ Filed Under: Family, Friends ~ 271 words

Dr. Firebot is funny. XD

I would have never thought of having robot medics wear clothes —better, medical nursing scrubs— but looks like our doctor had a different opinion on the matter.

Not that I’m displeased. :3 Look at it this way:


= LOL!

Firebot buys medical clothes from http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/ and other online stores where it’s more convenient, but I have to admit is taste is admirable. I bet Ratchet loves everything about his dad and that’s the reason for seeing him as a role model. :) Oh, I would too! —actually, I’d love to have a dad whom I can actually look up to as a role model… you know my dad, he’s pretty unreliable a person. :-/

Regarding dad, he’s had another of his crisis last night. Ravenoria had to administer him a sedative and we went together to get more from Dr. Firebot earlier in the afternoon (that’s why I’m talking about Dr. Firebot here, he was wearing his scrub when we entered Med Bay). Sometimes I fear I’ll be the one to die from a heart attack, not my dad… He scares the life outta me when he has one of his crisis… He’s scary, trust me. :(

Well, I’ll cut it short for tonight. I’m desperate for some good sleep.

Bye! ~


Extra Reunion 8-Oct-2011 —Report

October 10, 2011 ~ Filed Under: Extra Reunions ~ 433 words

This entry is an informal report for our last Extra Reunion, held on October 8th, 2011 (Saturday).

As usual for October, we had a preliminary discussion on the Halloween Party planning and organization, which came down to having Goldbug as the party planner. Not bad. Secondly, a quick balance made us realize we have received over $2,300 USD this month in donation. Wow, thank you guys! That was maybe the greatest news of the whole month.

One discussion we had on the Reunion —which involved our inside teachers too— regarded Mentoring Minds‘ products and their possible use in our classrooms. I have to admit the idea was mine, but I’m so glad everybody was so ready to follow up and give me (and the other Leaders) such a good feedback. :)

Big points of our discussion were:

  1. which teaching strategies to implement in order to manage classroom and get the best out of the lectures
  2. how to develop critical thinking in primary and middle school students
  3. how to increase students’ motivation to read.

That’s where Mentoring Minds‘ products come to use:

we plan on using both the Student Critical Thinking Guide and the Critical Thinking Questioning Stems to help our educators acquiring the right tools and strategies (based upon Bloom’s Taxonomy) that can aid Rolamaton students to develop their critical thinking skills.

The guide takes its inspiration from notorious scholars (Huitt, 1998; Thomas and Smoot, 1994) and bases its concept upon the fact that a clever use of new information (which is particularly relevant in our century) is crucial to the development of both the person and society.

Also, the Motivation Reading guide will help our teachers develop specific, to-the-point lessons to help students grow a love for reading (book, magazines, papers, etc.). One of the techniques implied includes not just reading, but also having teachers asking students to put what they think in writing and read it out loud. I’m particularly in favor of this last method.

We have another Extra Reunion on the last Tuesday of October —one day after the Monthly Reunion— and we’re going to talk about educational issues again. I asked Fulmine Petti to arrange the Reunion so that teachers would have a major role into it, while us Leaders would only be there to support and report on the event.

It’s going to be interesting, I feel it. :)


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