This domain name was bought on 14/01/2008 in memory of my mom, Eileen, who died on March 7th of 2001. I LOVE you mom!
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This blog is NOT about a real person, but a character RPG'ed by Luana of Luana.me

Welcome to Eileenson.org, Meron Soldiery's life weblog. Yeah, life. So beware: no rude comments and spam here! Feel free to visit any page and leave a comment if you like. Enjoy your stay. ;]


I'm Meron. Often called Mers. Born 1995 (do the math). 100% Robocitan but was born on Electronia. Loves: poetry, anime, drawing, dreaming, volunteering, peace. Hates: hatred. I'm married and happy.



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~ My wife is pregnant with our second child! (30/06/2018)


The Webmaster, Meron Soldiery


Hi! As you may infer from the title of this page, my name is Meron Soldiery and I’m a Rolamaton citizen.

Over the years, robots and humans in town have nicknamed me Mer, Mers, Merry or even ‘Mr. Hybrid’ — but er… I don’t really support this last one, ‘k? Please, don’t use it.

I was born on April 15th, 1995, so under the sign of Aries, on planet Electronia during a vacation my parents were enjoying with their alien friends. My armor is mostly black and silver with some red, which is the color of my eyes as well.

I work as an auto repair technician and I’m also a part-time university student (Electric Engineering). In my free time I enjoy drawing, reading, volunteering, watching/reading anime/manga and, singing with the Space Captains, Rolamaton’s very own band.

Overall, I can describe myself as optimistic, hard worker, pacifist, friendly, sensible, respectful, but I’ve been called various adjective of time that I collected here in a very fun-to-read ABC.

Generally, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, and helping people. If you want to make me stomach-sick, though, you can tell me about mean people, racism and discrimination of any kind (I can assure you it works).

I speak four languages: Italian, English, Electronian, Spanish. The latter two a little less then the former two.

I’m quite scared of losing my dad to one of his madness attacks, so if we’re talking phobias, mine is that.

I became a leader of Rolamaton at the small age of 10 and it was a true honor  for me, one that I still hold to todays, working as an Assistant for the new Leaders.

Another dream of mine, probably more ambitious, is to to become a scientist and to push the growth of the ALLife project, but I’m still not technically prepared enough for that.

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