This domain name was bought on 14/01/2008 in memory of my mom, Eileen, who died on March 7th of 2001. I LOVE you mom!
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I'm Meron. Often called Mers. Born 1995 (do the math). 100% Robocitan but was born on Electronia. Loves: poetry, anime, drawing, dreaming, volunteering, peace. Hates: hatred. I'm married and happy.



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Planning a layout change

July 1, 2009 ~ Filed Under: Blogging, Domain, Updates, Web Design ~ 267 words

Hello buddies. :) I’m really sorry about my very long hiatus. My duties of a Leader have been keeping me busy, but now I’m hoping to find more time to update this blog. ^^ I owe it to you and to my mom too, to whom the domain name is dedicated.

So, I’ve been thinking about changing the EileenSON layout, but I’m not sure yet. I’m trying to get deeper with web design and template choosing, especially after I read “WordPress layouts are the outer appearance of blogs”. The article states that, while it’s very easy to find a premated WordPress theme that will suit your blog, it’s in fact hard enough to choose the right WP layout that will make your visitors wanting to come back. Who does ever like a rough badly coded theme? ^^” But it’s true that also a layout with too many images can damage a blog: too many images (especially animated ones) are distracting and it would get harder for the reader to focuc on the entry content. So you see, choosing the right layout is not easy at all. ^^” And then, of course, there’s the color thing. As you can see, my blog is mostly green because my mom’s armor was green, and since the domain name is dedicated to her, I thought to sticking to the color green, even if I change design.

Well, I hope these tips above could help you think about layouts a bit more deeper too. :) It helped me. Oh yeah! And love you all! x3


For my buddies Screamy and Sky

January 3, 2009 ~ Filed Under: Friends, Hosting, Web Design ~ 187 words

It’s been a while already that I’ve been looking for some kind of affordable and yet powerful website hosting for my good friend Starscream, since he and his brother Skywarp seems to want to put up an online shop (lucky them, LOL!). Well, I think I’ve managed to find the affordable web hosting they were looking for ;) It’s a company that I’ve been told about by my buddy Longreen. It seems to offer a lot of services and features, including unlimited web space and bandwidth (so hard to find! since all companies seem to have an obsession over expensive limited packets T_T), PHP and Perl support, cPanel and a lot more for just $6.95/mo. Not bad at all :) Now, that is for the normal hosting. E-commerce hosting, which is what my friends are looking for, has the same price, but has also some more options for the admin. Like oSCommerce and CubeCart or ZenCart shopping carts. Cool! x3 Screamy and Sky, if you’re reading this, I suggest trying it out ;) Thanks!


To my sweetheart

September 25, 2008 ~ Filed Under: Web Design ~ 29 words

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