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Some fuss over my essay writing activity and dad’s situation

June 19, 2013 ~ Filed Under: Daily Life, Family, Volunteering ~ 334 words

I find it though to imagine how I could even be back to volunteer at Fulmine’s essay service. :( And honestly, I wonder how my parents could even think I have done a mistake by giving up, or that that would have harmed my future career somehow.

First off, it was a volunteer activity; I wasn’t paid to proofread essays or tutor students, nor I was given any big money for writing essays to file in the Rolamaton Library. Secondly, I only have so much time a day, I have ongoing graduation exams at school (yes, they’re tough!), Leadership duties and a baby on the way. No, I don’t think Selenia would ever forgive me if I were to neglect her and our boy-to-be for a bunch of papers. -.-” But that’s obvious, isn’t it?

Ravenoria agrees with me to a certain extent; she recognizes the need to have some time off duties to dedicate to myself and my family, but dad… well, you know the type. He throws a fit at every smallest thing, you can only imagine what he’ll do in a situation like this when he’s convinced to be in the right. Oh well… I have enough of his ‘tantrums’. I won’t listen. ;) Hehe.

Dad’s mental and emotional health has improved over the years, but he tends to be violent of his own, so some things will probably never change. But he makes an effort to stay in the stability range, at least. Ravenoria helps him as she can; my siblings and I do, too. There’s one thing that left me with bitter taste in my mouth, though: my brother Scourge is showing some of the same symptoms as dad. :( That’s serious, and I already asked Dr. Firebot to visit my little brother. Hopefully it’s not going to be as serious as my dad’s condition. *sigh*

Well, I’m off to run errands now. :) Have a pleasant day, my sweet readers!


I quit writing for Fulmine (and some thoughts about Selenia’s pregnancy)

April 13, 2013 ~ Filed Under: Love Life, Volunteering, Writing ~ 330 words

I really wish I could stay on with Fulmine’s essay writing service, but it’s just too much to handle right now with everything going on in my life. We had a long talk, and while he agrees that it is sad to see me go, he knows that I need to put my priorities in order for graduation and focus on my own papers so I actually DO get to go on and graduate from college.

After all, how effective would I be helping others write essays when I fail at writing my own? Fulmine pointed that out to me and I’m hard pressed to disagree with him.

So I told Fulmine he could train some of his staff after the Australia-tailored writing service named SuperiorPapers.com, which I think would really help his business and help reach more people who need his help. He said he would put serious consideration into it, but he looked really pleased with the idea when I brought it up. Now it’s only a matter of his decision. I’ll be there to support him in any possible way, although I can no longer write for him. At least, until graduation.

In other news, I’m more and more excited for September 2013 to marry Selenia, my girlfriend who is four months pregnant with our child. Watching her grow bigger is just amazing! :D If it’s even possible, she gets more and more beautiful every day; what they say about the “pregnancy glow” is no myth! Selenia glows!

I wonder whom she’s carrying; what he or she will look like, be like, what they will do with their life… Sometimes I find myself staring at her stomach, just wondering. And she seems to like that… I make her giggle! Eheh. ^^

Well, I’m better off to finish studying that Linear Algebra chapter. I’ll come around soon.


Proofreading students’ work at Fulmine’s biz

March 24, 2013 ~ Filed Under: Volunteering, Writing ~ 495 words

Proofreading and grammar checks

Creative Commons License With Associates via Compfight

I’ve taken up a job proofreading papers for Fulmine and his essay writing service, and I feel I’ve found my niche. On of the many, at least. ^^

This is something that I find very important— helping someone to perfect their paper by looking from a new perspective with new eyes, which is sometimes hard to do when you were the one writing the paper.

Proofreading is a lot easier than it sounds. I start by reading the piece first so I get the feel for what was written and for what purpose. Understanding the whole context helps me to better prepare to proofread.

After I understand what the writer is trying to say, I know how to help them say it in the most efficient, effective way possible. I look for the larger errors first, and then after I’ve corrected that, I read through one more time for “flow” and to make sure I have not missed anything.

I feel like I provide a valuable service in proofreading. At least, Fulmine is pleased with my work so far. :) I help authors and writers to use their voices in the most effective way possible. I recommend to fellow Robocitans to consider volunteering for Fulmine as proofreaders; we can always use more helping hands and more perspectives!

One service that has helped me get started is grammarbase. The nice thing about this website is that it offers a free grammar check that spots most errors and typos in a piece of copy. The checker works a bit like W3’s webpage validation tool: you input a text into the form field, hit “Start New Checking” and wait for the tool to be done. You’ll be prompted to check certain areas of your text if the tool finds a problem with them.

Another tool that helped me a lot is a spellchecker.net with its instant grammar check service. The interface of spellchecker is almost the same as the one mentioned before, copy and paste your text into the box and hit “Check Grammar”. The tool will check your grammar instantly and provide suggestions if needed.

Spelling gets checked as well, so not a single typo will escape the analysis. Thanks goodness! ;D

Have you ever worked as a proofreader? What tools do you use to check your grammar?


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