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My review of Tutorsville (yeah, really ^^)

March 22, 2013 ~ Filed Under: School, Website Reviews ~ 866 words

I haven’t reviewed a website in a very, very long time, so I guess today’s blog entry is a right chance to make up for that.

The website I’m going to talk about is Tutorsville.net, a platform that provides tutoring services to students.

Why I review it

I have used this website several times for my own studies. Recently, I came across a testimonial from a fellow citizens who homeschools her children that she found Tutorsville.net’s advice essential to tutor her youngest child and help a neighbor’s child to thrive in school. Want the truth? I couldn’t have been more impressed, because the website has helped me through many of the ups and downs of school life. :)


My review of Tutorsville

Just a look at the screenshot (homepage) above is enough to acknowledge the user-friendliness of the platform. At least, it was for me.

Tutorsville has changed graphic layout quite a bit over the years, but its clean design and usable content structure has been kept as a pattern.

What about its benefits for YOU students? Well— all it requires is for you to select a subject category and a sub-category of the subject you picked. From there, you receive an individually tailored lesson, and you can do this any time of day or night. The other impressive part of this is that the only tutors that are allowed to be of service here are professionals, experts in the area of study being taught. If you need a history lesson on the American Civil War at three in the morning, you will not receive compromised services for the time of day you need help: Tutorsville’s experts are ALWAYS available at any time of day or night, and even at the times in between. Work from this company is not substandard either.

They have answers to ANY question you could possibly ask, and not only do you receive a concise, clear answer, but it is explained to you in a manner that will help you to understand that answer, not just use it to turn in homework. You will walk away understanding why A plus B equals C and understanding the principles behind it. You receive so much more than just answers here; you get explanations. If you do not understand an answer in one manner, it will be explained differently the next time around, not repeated to you louder and slower as if you did not hear the first time. Tutorsville understands that we all learn differently and are prepared to teach the student that comes to them, not the student they were taught how to teach.

Now, in case you have a great experience with a single tutor, you can rehire them and work with them again for continued progress and success; no problem there. They’re very kind to their young customers. :) Tutors are also flexible and willing to work with you and your schedule; if you need a lesson, they will bend over backwards to help teach you.

Ah yes— you are not strictly bound to time schedules, either. The minutes you purchased on your package are good to use whenever you wish with any tutor you feel is appropriate. If, by some rare chance, you are not satisfied with your tutor, you are able to contact the administrators, state your case and if there is evidence to support that you did not get what you paid for, a credit will be granted to you for your next use of the site. Isn’t that cool? XD

Also, you can review on your personalized account with Tutorsville’s previous lessons; once you take the lesson, you are free to review it and reread notes and accounts from your tutor for future needs. Don’t worry about losing all the information you received from the lesson you paid for; it’s all still there, just waiting for you for when you need it. ^_^

Know what? I am going to be recommending this site to Fulmine for his writing services because I truly believe in this service and its ability to help and expand minds. Fulmine’s business is also thriving and it can only get better.

A last word

I would suggest to give this website a try, but since I don’t write advertorials, I’ll just tell you that my fellow Robocitan sleeps happier sleeps at night now since she started using Tutorsville for her homeschooled children. The fact is— there are tons of freebies and goodies for you that don’t require a credit card. You can learn so much from just a few minutes worth of browsing the site.

When I tried it the first time, I did NOT walk away disappointed, just the contrary— I did walk away with more knowledge and understanding than I came in with.

So that’s it. :) I’m quite pleased with the resources we pick and share here in Rolamaton.

And you?


Volunteering in 2013

January 1, 2013 ~ Filed Under: School, Volunteering ~ 327 words

HAPPY 2013!!! :D

Welcome to the new year! May it bring you happiness, health, success and plenty of new friends. ;) Truly with my most heartfelt wishes.

I’ve volunteered some of my time to work with the students on their college papers. If you’ve ever heard about College-Paper.org, you’ll know why I chose to continue providing this service. The website I mentioned is super cheap and has a great team of writers to its side, while I only have myself (and Fulmine), but that doesn’t make it less exciting. :) I love to help!

I have so many different students coming to me with all sorts of interesting topics and papers, various writing styles, skill sets and stages of development in their writings. The one that has captured my attention the most is a young Robocitan who is taking a creative writing course at Fulmine’s monthly seminars and is writing a fictional story based on her grandmother’s (or her creator’s mother’s) quilt. She talks about where each patch came from, what it meant, was it a piece of clothing or a childhood blanket? The story is so deep and interesting, she doesn’t seem to need too much of my assistance, but wanted someone to double check and proof read to make sure everything flowed properly.

And it does! I cannot wait to see her finished paper! :D

Students like this DO make me proud. She helped me realize I can truly change people’s lives when I offer my help to have them see their dreams come true. :) I’m HAPPY. It could never be any different.

That’s also the main reason why I’m a Leader. I enjoy helping people. I enjoy turning their average life into a better one. Modesty aside, I think that’s my vocation. ^_^ And I love it.

What’s your vocation? What’s your volunteering plan for 2013? Let’s share!


Protected: Kerri’s and Ravenoria’s birthdays

March 23, 2009 ~ Filed Under: Blogging, Daily Life, Family, Friends, Love Life, School ~ 52 words

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