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No student drop-outs in Robocity since 2011— thanks to donations!

May 7, 2012 ~ Filed Under: Extra Reunions, Robocity Initiatives, Robocity Leaders, Updates ~ 320 words

Last year’s informal report on Mentoring Minds‘ teaching strategies products received a good amount of visits, and I’m glad to see most came from fellow Robocitans and inside teachers.

Even this year we’re going to rely mostly on Mentoring Minds‘ products, seen how positively they were received by our citizens. Particularly, the new Educational Reform (2011) that we Leaders promoted last year saw a massive usage of the newest research in the educational field, including Mentoring Minds’ teaching aids.

A few notes on teacher education products:

  • they gave our teachers a boost in self-confidence and class-confidence to deliver better contents
  • a closer look at Bloom’s Taxonomy helped all classes at all grades boost teaching effectiveness
  • they helped promote of critical thinking among students at all grades
  • they gave new insights on learning styles, vocabulary, classroom interventions, special-needs interventions, classroom management and tolerance.

The best statistics from 2011 is that absolutely NO student dropped out of school in Rolamaton! :D That’s amazing, considering that we had 3 drop-out students every 30 two years ago.

Donations from outsiders were also a big impact factor to keep our students in school. We get between $1,000 and $5,000 every month now! Thanks to donations, most students don’t need to leave school to search for a job, and lifestyle has improved considerably in Rolamaton since then.

A special thanks goes to our fellow citizen and Assistant, Ironhide Fastery (rony.enchanted.nu), who’s in charge of writing and maintaning our Rolamaton page on Squidoo.com. Well… most donations came from the Squidoo page, so— thank you, Rony, for your help! We owe it all to you. :D


Robocity is Us!

October 2, 2011 ~ Filed Under: Friends, Robocity Initiatives, Robocity Leaders ~ 310 words

Our Dr. Firebot is out once again to purchase a set of nursing scrubs on sale. Yeah, sales — that’s what Robocitans live for. Seen that we cannot buy whole price that often, merchants know very well they should expect a mass order from Rolamaton when they have seasonal discounts. Really, they know us by now! :P Ahah!

Anyway, if you’re curious about the online store Firebot shops at, visit
http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Men/. It’s good and cheap for doctors and nurses to buy scrubs from. They’re usually expensive in Italy, so you know… every chance to buy sales is welcome. ;)

In other news, we Leaders have bought the domain Rolamaton.Us from NameCheap a week ago.

Yes, it was a sale. :P .US domains for just $1.99 on NameCheap. We had to take advantage of the offer while it lasted, heh.

So, what’s the new domain for?

While Rolamaton.In is our Rolamaton Institutional Site, Rolamaton.Us is for our project entitled “Rolamaton is Us!“, which is a site dedicated to our community as a motif of pride, a place to feel home, somewhere we belong to and we’re happy to celebrate. Rolamaton.Us will contain a forum, social network and other services. We’ll be holding a related discussion on a topic in our Discussion Forum (robocity.in/discussions). :)

Regarding our international projects, instead, we bought Robocities.Eu, but that’s an upcoming all-to-setup project. News about Robocities.Eu will come on December 2011.

P.S. Do you like the bigger font on my blog? ^^ I think it’s more readable on Chrome this way.


Updates on the Austin Project

September 24, 2011 ~ Filed Under: Robocity Initiatives, Robocity Leaders, Updates ~ 202 words

Remember when I blogged about the idea of building a department of Rolamaton in Austin, US?

Well, looks like the other Leaders declined the idea… for the moment. Our budget is too low to finance a building oversea, then there are permissions to ask, a lot of bureaucracy, etc.

An ex robot worker from http://www.thesteamteam.com/ is willing to help us in the future, though. His name is Timothy, a good guy. He’s got no chance to fly over to Italy, so he’s staying at his place with a bunch of other Experimental robots. He keeps working on ozone treatments austin and power washing company austin when he can, even though he has no more ties with the company. He’s very motivated though, he loves his ‘job’, and I’m glad he continues to volunteer to help people. :)

Regarding my e-books, they’re still a long way to come. I’m thinking about putting some chapter online in the form of blog posts too (not here, but on the Rolamaton.in network).

Let’s see what comes out.


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