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Writing and a marketing pearl

March 27, 2013 ~ Filed Under: College, Marketing, Writing ~ 324 words

Wow, am I ever under a ton of pressure! @_@

I’m graduating this year— or shall I say “I hope I am graduating this year,” which hinges on whether or not I finish this paper that’s been weighing on my mind for a better part of the month now.

Cyclonus is a great brother and understands the topics I’m slotted to write about, so maybe it’d be in my best interest to ask for a hand. After all, brothers are there to help each other out in times of need, and I would much rather ask Cyc for his help rather than risk not graduating and wasting all of the efforts and hard work I put into college.

There’s a service tailored for students in United Kingdom that I’ve been using to revise the differences between the many types of essay papers, and to learn a few tricks to make my writing more engaging than it I’ve been told it is (I work for Fulmine, so it’s a given that I can write, but when I have to write for school it all becomes harder!).

What I love the most about these services is the amount of free writing help they give on their websites. They sell a service, of course, but they also give so much to the random student stumbling upon their pages that just THIS thing makes them appealing to my wallet. LOL! I realize this comment might sound a little silly, but think of this—

the more you give for free, the more you will earn.

It’s a given in the marketing world. A brand doesn’t make itself loved by people with slogans and advertisements. It makes itself loved with free, valuable content, and word of mouth. These things link people to brands through the means of solidarity. :) Isn’t it beautiful?

One of the first lessons I learned as a Leader of Rolamaton.


Get The Most Out Of Your Website With Los Angeles Web Design

August 11, 2011 ~ Filed Under: Marketing ~ 381 words

When a new business opens up these days, they will have to find ways to reach the audience that they are targeting, and let them know that you have product that they might be interested in.  This can be done through advertisements, the spread of word, or just by having a product that people will need.  Getting the word out that the new business has started is important, because people have to know that the product is available for them to be able to buy it.  One increasingly popular way to get another dimension in business is to set up a website online that can sell the product as well.  It can reach a whole new and wider audience, maximizing the opportunity to sell product. 

Getting the web page designed might be a tricky part, especially if a person is not quite used to computers and computer programming.  Luckily, there are businesses that offer to design websites for a person or company, and allows them to customize their design so that it fits the wants of their customer.  If a person in the Los Angeles area needs to design a website, they can look up los angeles web design online to find the many places that are available to design their website.  These places will offer creative minds that can help a person get what they want out of their website.  

It is important that in designing a website that the structure of all the information is properly placed.  When things are disarranged on a web page it can get confusing and can make it hard for a person to find what they are looking for.  With a los angeles web design company, they will know how people are apt at reading web pages, and will know how to set up the information in way that is presentable and easily read.  Getting the right structural setup on any website is important to it’s success, and anyone without proper knowledge on how to set up a website would benefit greatly by hiring a los angeles web design company to assist in designing the website.  


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