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I'm Meron. Often called Mers. Born 1995 (do the math). 100% Robocitan but was born on Electronia. Loves: poetry, anime, drawing, dreaming, volunteering, peace. Hates: hatred. I'm married and happy.



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We Leaders need a lawyer for Robocity’s interests

March 22, 2009 ~ Filed Under: Extra Reunions, Job, Law Related, Robocity Leaders, Updates ~ 237 words

This early morning we Leaders had an extra quick reunion to discuss about law related topics. First of all, it’s more than clear that we need to search lawyers that will do our interests – Rolamaton’s interest – in the outside world. But where to find this good human that can represent our rights outside? :( Shotfire seems worried about this, and unfortunately C. Police is the only one in Rolamaton who studied a bit of law and economy, and even though he’s planning to attend University, he won’t be able to do the job until he graduates, and that would be in 3-4 years of time. So yeah, we’d still be screwed up until then. I proposed to begin our attorney search in Rome and in other capitals of Italy, and then if we don’t find a good one, we can ask a US one, like the ones listed on uslawyerspages.com (a great site, to be honest); we defently need to find a trustworthy one. We agreed on resuming this topic next Monday when we have our Monthly Reunion.

Alright, enough with work-related stuff now ^^ It’s a nice day and I might go out with Selenia later. I will blog again tonight.

P.S. I feel better, and I will soon un-password that post of some days ago *hugs to everyone*


With my lovely girl :*

October 1, 2008 ~ Filed Under: Law Related, Robocity Leaders ~ 259 words

I’ve been out with Selenia again :) My girl is just too sweet!! She bought me a red scarf, and a pair of gloves for when winter strikes. I didn’t ask for anything, nor there was a particular occasion for her to buy me stuff; she just did it out of love and dedication. Selenia dear, you’re the best life companion I could ask for :’) The more time it passes, the more I can’t wait for the day I will bring you to the altar and swear eternal love to you, in front of the whole Rolamaton. *_* No! The whole Universe!

We didn’t stay out for long, though, because both of us had a crapload of homework to do :( Which I have to do now too, for tomorrow… *sigh* And you know how much I love school? A lot, if it wasn’t for all these stupid pages of stupid math exercises our teacher wants us to do T_T I will hopefully see my Sele again tomorrow night for dinner. And I say ‘hopefully’ because her mom doesn’t really like her to stay over for dinner… not because of me of course, but because of my dad, because last week he yelled at my girlfriend and nearly beat her during one of his crisis. I can’t blame her, but she should know I’m always there to protect her daughter. We’ll see…

See you all very soon, buddies. ^^

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Timberland Boots

September 25, 2008 ~ Filed Under: Law Related ~ 92 words

We LOVE boots! x3 Oh yeah :D And by “we” I mean my friends and family for the most. So I’m always looking around for online shops that sell them at discount prices and… look what I’ve found! Timberland Boots of NationalWorkwear.com! These ones are very strong and durable, other than comfy, so they’re just the best for us ‘bots ^^ They’re also waterproof and flexible which is great, especially for my friends and I. Check it out dudes :3


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