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No student drop-outs in Robocity since 2011— thanks to donations!

May 7, 2012 ~ Filed Under: Extra Reunions, Robocity Initiatives, Robocity Leaders, Updates ~ 320 words

Last year’s informal report on Mentoring Minds‘ teaching strategies products received a good amount of visits, and I’m glad to see most came from fellow Robocitans and inside teachers.

Even this year we’re going to rely mostly on Mentoring Minds‘ products, seen how positively they were received by our citizens. Particularly, the new Educational Reform (2011) that we Leaders promoted last year saw a massive usage of the newest research in the educational field, including Mentoring Minds’ teaching aids.

A few notes on teacher education products:

  • they gave our teachers a boost in self-confidence and class-confidence to deliver better contents
  • a closer look at Bloom’s Taxonomy helped all classes at all grades boost teaching effectiveness
  • they helped promote of critical thinking among students at all grades
  • they gave new insights on learning styles, vocabulary, classroom interventions, special-needs interventions, classroom management and tolerance.

The best statistics from 2011 is that absolutely NO student dropped out of school in Rolamaton! :D That’s amazing, considering that we had 3 drop-out students every 30 two years ago.

Donations from outsiders were also a big impact factor to keep our students in school. We get between $1,000 and $5,000 every month now! Thanks to donations, most students don’t need to leave school to search for a job, and lifestyle has improved considerably in Rolamaton since then.

A special thanks goes to our fellow citizen and Assistant, Ironhide Fastery (rony.enchanted.nu), who’s in charge of writing and maintaning our Rolamaton page on Squidoo.com. Well… most donations came from the Squidoo page, so— thank you, Rony, for your help! We owe it all to you. :D


Extra Reunion 8-Oct-2011 —Report

October 10, 2011 ~ Filed Under: Extra Reunions ~ 433 words

This entry is an informal report for our last Extra Reunion, held on October 8th, 2011 (Saturday).

As usual for October, we had a preliminary discussion on the Halloween Party planning and organization, which came down to having Goldbug as the party planner. Not bad. Secondly, a quick balance made us realize we have received over $2,300 USD this month in donation. Wow, thank you guys! That was maybe the greatest news of the whole month.

One discussion we had on the Reunion —which involved our inside teachers too— regarded Mentoring Minds‘ products and their possible use in our classrooms. I have to admit the idea was mine, but I’m so glad everybody was so ready to follow up and give me (and the other Leaders) such a good feedback. :)

Big points of our discussion were:

  1. which teaching strategies to implement in order to manage classroom and get the best out of the lectures
  2. how to develop critical thinking in primary and middle school students
  3. how to increase students’ motivation to read.

That’s where Mentoring Minds‘ products come to use:

we plan on using both the Student Critical Thinking Guide and the Critical Thinking Questioning Stems to help our educators acquiring the right tools and strategies (based upon Bloom’s Taxonomy) that can aid Rolamaton students to develop their critical thinking skills.

The guide takes its inspiration from notorious scholars (Huitt, 1998; Thomas and Smoot, 1994) and bases its concept upon the fact that a clever use of new information (which is particularly relevant in our century) is crucial to the development of both the person and society.

Also, the Motivation Reading guide will help our teachers develop specific, to-the-point lessons to help students grow a love for reading (book, magazines, papers, etc.). One of the techniques implied includes not just reading, but also having teachers asking students to put what they think in writing and read it out loud. I’m particularly in favor of this last method.

We have another Extra Reunion on the last Tuesday of October —one day after the Monthly Reunion— and we’re going to talk about educational issues again. I asked Fulmine Petti to arrange the Reunion so that teachers would have a major role into it, while us Leaders would only be there to support and report on the event.

It’s going to be interesting, I feel it. :)


Reading, reading… :)

October 7, 2011 ~ Filed Under: Books, Extra Reunions, Love Life ~ 195 words

I try to spend my spare time Reading Books Online lately. It’s a good hobby, it helps with the Italian and English literature syllabus— and it makes me happy. Sometimes I read passages with Selenia at my side too: we read to each other, like a parent does to her at bedtime. And Selenia is so sweet, so delicate, so incredibly beautiful. *_* No wonders I’m more and more in love as time goes on!

The last book I read is A Thousand Tomorrows by Karen Kingsbury. A great author, I love her writing style and characters psychology. There’s rarely a good book at the local store, so when I find something catching online I buy it. It’s well spent money, you know. :)

Tomorrow I’ve got an Extra Reunion with the other Leaders. Ugh. It shouldn’t last more than two hours, but I hope we’re going to be quick because I have stuff to do. Homework in the first place. ^^”

I think it’s time I start delegating my paperwork to Shotfire. :P My assistants are too nice to deserve that burden, ihih.


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