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Soon, No Longer a Leader

January 18, 2014 ~ Filed Under: Robocity Leaders, Writing ~ 179 words

Wow, I’m almost nineteen years old…

I was a Leader at age 9, can you believe it?

And now that my mandate is about to expire, I feel so weird about it. Maybe nostalgic? Uhm. Guess I’m gonna miss it.

A LOT. :)

Unfortunately, due to financial issues, I’m having troubles running our institutional website and that adds up to the sadness that in April of this year, I’ll no longer be a Leader.

That will be very hard to adjust to, but it’s time for someone new to come in.

In order to keep busy, I think I will start working part-time for Fulmine’s coaching service for students in need of a writing tutor, and his research writing activity.

That would occupy my “non Leader time”, at least until I find something else to do, either here or outside of Rolamaton.

I’ll have to hear Selenia about it, too.

Any advice from you readers?

Image credit by St. Gallen Symposium (cc)


friv 4 on April 17th, 2014 @ 11:14 am

Almost makes you a little early leaders than normal, but I do not know much drips age did you say I was surprised and quite impressed.

Meron on September 3rd, 2014 @ 6:03 pm

Thank you! :) It was indeed challenging to become a Leader at such a young age, but it taught me a lot about life and I’m gonna miss those 10 years. Really.

I’m glad the new Leaders kept me as an Assistant. It helps makes the transition less… painful. ^^

~ Meron

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