This disclaimer has been written to let you visitors and link exchanges to be aware of who Meron Soldiery is.

This cheerful nice young Robocity citizen is a character role-played by me, Luana Spinetti, on myspace and on this (and others) website.

Why a role-play blog? Because a role-played character becomes part of your heart, of your life, and he/she acquires a own life inside my mind ^^ Which means that, in a way, Meron Soldiery really exists and feels, even if not ‘physically’ in the real life world.

Please, enjoy the blog and just enjoy the sweet Megs, and remember! When you talk to Meron don’t talk to ME, but to HIM. That’s how it’s meant to be, hehe. If you need to talk to ME go on my site. Have fun! ;)

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