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Soon, no longer a Leader

Wow, I’m almost nineteen years old…

I was a Leader at age 9, can you believe it?

And now that my mandate is about to expire, I feel so weird about it. Maybe nostalgic? Uhm. Guess I’m gonna miss it. A LOT. :)

Unfortunately, due to financial issues, I’m having troubles running our institutional website and that adds up to the sadness that in April of this year, I’ll no longer be a Leader.

That will be very hard to adjust to, but it’s time for someone new to come in.

In order to keep busy, I think I will start working part-time for Fulmine’s essay writer service for students in need of some help. That could occupy my “non Leader time”, at least until I find something else to do, either here or outside of Robocity.

I’ll have to hear Selenia about it, too.

Any advice from you readers?

Disclaimers: Essay service link was sponsored by Image credit by St. Gallen Symposium (cc)

2 thoughts on “Soon, no longer a Leader

  1. Almost makes you a little early leaders than normal, but I do not know much drips age did you say I was surprised and quite impressed.

    • Thank you! :) It was indeed challenging to become a Leader at such a young age, but it taught me a lot about life and I’m gonna miss those 10 years. Really.

      I’m glad the new Leaders kept me as an Assistant. It helps makes the transition less… painful. ^^

      ~ Meron

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