Slowing down and wedding plans

I continue assisting Fulmine Petti with his essay writing service in my spare time, although I doubt I can keep up with all of my tasks.

Time management has been getting tougher and tougher as I approach graduation, so it might be time to put some volunteer work on hold. Just temporarily, mind you. :) I love what I do!

Bet this is going to make Selenia happy once again. She’s rather pissed off at my lack of time to dedicate to her; also, since she’s gotten pregnant, she’s even more fussy about things. But I can understand that, and I have my share of responsibility anyway. She’s pregnant because we are together, and I’m the creature’s daddy; that means a lot. I can’t wait to get married and to give my new family a certain financial and emotional stability.

Selenia’s father — Soundwave Echo — is one of my best-est friends and he agreed on the marriage already. Sele’s adoptive mom — Jessica — is a little less willful about such an early wedding, but she thinks it’s OK after all, since we’re both robots AND we are going to have a baby. If everything goes as agreed upon, Sele and I will get married in September this year. <3

Now, to switch back to essay writing— the fact that I’m slowing down volunteer work doesn’t mean I have less writing to do. Actually, it’s just as much: school projects can be a pain when you approach graduation and I have two papers to hand in just next Monday. If you couple that with my high academic standards and my innate perfectionism when it comes to writing… you have a student who is able to spend the goodness of 12 hours on a single paper in a day! Yeah, I can get that crazy. ^^”

And that’s I need to slow down; absolutely.

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