I shall wait patiently until the end of it

There is a crazy-load of stuff to get done this week. Here’s a few items:

  • Prepare a list of potential candidates for the 2014 Leadership elections
  • Scrutiny the list with the other Leaders (circa 3 hours a week until June 2013)
  • Plan the discussion points for the Monthly Reunion of March 25th
  • Review the list of initiatives by fellow citizens and check next semester’s budget to see if some of them fit
  • Review prominent citizens’ curricula and select a few profiles for Assistant placement

And more…

I thought of asking Fulmine whether I could pause my contribution to his essay writing services until the other Leaders and I complete the scrutiny of the list of potential candidates, but I feel split inside— I’m not really willing to give up voluntary work to make more room for Leadership duties. I guess I’m growing tired of the position at this point, or I just feel tired and stressed and I wish the day was any way longer than 24 hours.

One thing is certain— ten years is too long a time for a position in Leadership. A person can grow tired of the duty, feel pressured by the continuous workload and discouraged by the resistance some fellow citizens show for their initiatives. It’s stressing.

As I mentioned in my latest post, I became a Leader at age 10 and I’m still a Leader now that I’m approaching my twenties (in April 15th). I want to go to university, get married, find a part-time job and give up on Leadership already.

I know I’m a decent writer, a decent marketer, a good leader and a creative mind. I could find tons of jobs out there if I want to. But I need to complete my mandate first. I love Robocity, I owe it to it.

Besides, early dismissal (and therefore, a rush election) might cause more harm than good for the other Leaders and the candidates we’re scrutinizing. I don’t want anyone to suffer from my choices.

Thus I shall wait.


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