Essays, paperwork and 2014 candidacies

Hey essay.cc, let me tell you that you are wonderful! XD I had a big paper due for school, and as you guys may know… I am graduating this year, so the pressure was REALLY on to write something amazing. I know I’m not a bad writer, but I am very well aware there are ALWAYS room for improvements for everyone, and I’m no exception. So I trotted over to essay.cc, took a look at some samples and selected the one that best suited the direction of the topic of my essay and constructed my personal thesis around the model.

Yeah, I worried for all of two seconds that I was cheating by using a model, but I realized— that’s here for my benefit so I can learn how to put together a really successful, hard hitting piece of work. If this were cheating, would the website owner have put it out here for our use? NO! That’s silly. I ended up acing that particular essay for my class, and I know whom I can thank for that fact— you rock, essay.cc! :D

OK, so… after this very enthusiastic tribute, I’ll have to turn off the Internet and focus on some paperwork for the Robocity Archives. Eek! I’ll come around soon.

EDIT/11.08 PM/: I wonder why I always end up burdened by so much paperwork that piles up on top of school work. *sigh* Sorry to say this, but I can’t wait for my Leadership mandate to be over and to pass the baton to another Robocitan. If you head over leadership2014 @ robocity.in, you’ll notice we Leaders have been discussing possible candidates over the last few years. That doesn’t mean we already know who the new Leaders will be, but these people will certainly receive our invitations to candidacy. Again, invitations do not preclude other Robocitans from voting their own picks at the moment of election, but in case someone wins that is not suitable for Leadership (discussions will follow), we’re going to propose our candidates to all Robocitans (previous agreement) and we’d see how things go.

Anyway — and I mean it — no more one-decade Leaderships! :D It’s too long and it’s time Robocity switches to a more agile mandate– 5 years. That’s for the best, believe me.

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