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Wow, I’m almost nineteen years old… I was a Leader at age 9, can you believe it?! And now that my mandate is about to expire, I feel so weird about it. Maybe nostalgic? Uhm. Guess I’m gonna miss it. A LOT. :)

Unfortunately, due to financial issues, I’m having troubles running our institutional website and that adds up to the sadness that in April of this year, I’ll no longer be a Leader. That will be very hard to adjust to, but it’s time for someone new to come in.

In order to keep busy, I think I will start working part-time for Fulmine’s essay writer service for students in need of some help. That could occupy my “non Leader time”, at least until I find something else to do, either here or outside of Robocity.

I’ll have to hear Selenia about it, too.

Any advice from you readers?

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I’m worried about my step mom, who is just beginning the first stages of menopause. :(

Dr. Firebot prescribed a low dose of progesterone for Ravenoria, and I’m glad to see the supplement had an almost instant effect. I couldn’t buy progesterone with my own money, so the doctor supplied it from his lab. I’m so thankful. :)

Mom Ravenoria’s moods are more in her control, she is less moody and snappy and sad and she doesn’t swing between these moods with the intensity or frequency she did without the progesterone. It has eased her hot flashes, too, which she is more than grateful for! She used to carry a little hand-held fan to cool herself down when the moment would strike her, but she is more often leaving that little device at home now when we go out because she no longer anticipates really violent flares like she used to get before the hormone therapy.

All in all, I think this was a wise move to buy progesterone to heal this kind of natural ‘hassle’, and I really admire Dr. Firebot. Ravenoria’s excited to move on to the next stage in her life, and she’s ready to do it with a much clearer mind and heart thanks to progesterone.

Next month I’ll buy progesterone to resupply Firebot’s lab. He deserves being paid back for his generous efforts. Best Robocitan EVER. I swear.

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

I haven’t shopped at Walmart in a long time, but I guess I should now that they’ve got my favorite Duck Tape® on sale.

Although being a Leader wasn’t easy of a job of late, I still enjoy to spend some time painting or crafting (often with Selenia) to cool off after a long work day. That kind of tape is even good for school, albeit I have no idea whether I should enroll to university or not. It’s costly and it’s in Rome, not in Robocity or even Genzano, but I have to if I want to improve my lifestyle and sustain my future family. In any case, I’m at least going to do this test next week.

Colored boxes!So, regarding my creative project: it’s all about making the Robocity Archives nicer to browse and use for us Leaders. :D Ahah! Well, they would be nicer to use for the rest of the Robocitans as well, because colors and collages help a big deal with optimizing your time! So anyway… here’s a picture of what inspired me to start this project (here on the right).

They are colored boxes from LandOfNod.com. Well, you know what? :) It might not be the same thing, but I want to make our Archives into some fun, colored world with a lot of pictures from magazines and newspapers to help with recognization of each box (i.e. a color or a cutout character for each archived year, etc.) and make the place a joy to use– because you know archives, right? They aren’t the funniest thing in the world. ;)

What to do if you want to embark in a similar project:

  1. Collect images from newspapers and magazines that would suit your room/archive/anything you want to colorize and customize
  2. Paint each box or notebook with a different color before you apply the mag/newspaper collage
  3. Cut out pictures from the publications and attach them to the boxes with Duck Tape®, in a way that’s easy for the eye to look at and creative altogether.

Another reason why I want to buy Duck Tape at Walmart is because Selenia likes it. She enjoys embellishing her notebooks, her boxes (yes, she recycles old boxes into beautiful masterpieces!) and our baby-to-be homemade toys. I know I’m going to use some to give our little girl’s baby room a hint of magic in a couple of months. ;) Ahah! I’m so romantic, I know. LOL But we aren’t rich, so even a little inexpensive Duck Tape® – and a bit of creativity – can make the difference.

In any case, Duck Tape® is pretty good and safe to buy for your kids if they’re going back to school this month, and a nice add-on for your Walmart shopping list (oh, it certainly makes its sweet figure in mine!).

Reader Questions:

Are you going to buy Duck Tape® at Walmart, too? Any creative projects on your mind for this fall?

I’m going to follow @TheDuckBrand so I can keep updated on creative tips. This is something I suggest you do too, if you’re into crafts. ^_~

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