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It was only last week, I think, that I looked up Transformers 4 – Age of Extintion on IMDB.

Honestly, I wasn’t surprised to find out the movie received a mere 6.2 average score from a total of 84,468 user votes. The movie was awful and filled with clichés and stereotypes that bored the soul out of me, so I won’t even waste my time to write a full review of it. There are better movies out there that deserve a review, so you know before hand that I’m going to completely exclude Bay’s Transformers movies from my upcoming Movie Review section.

Those who know me well know why I don’t appreciate these movies and will certainly understand my decision.

Speaking of the new Movie Review section… it’s almost ready to launch. ;) Give it a week or two and you will find it under my Visitor page in the navigation menu. YAY! Email me to robocity@email.it if you want to be notified when the section opens. Unfortunately, I don’t have a newsletter yet, so for now this is the only way to keep up with the news. Sorry!

But on with the really cool movie stuff.

Starting this week, I search new movies to watch (at the cinema or via DVD rental) on FunkyFlick. I like this website because it doesn’t just give out snippets, images and reviews of the movies, but it builds a community around them. Yep, I mean an online community, like a forum or a social network! :D Sometimes I get more input on a certain movie by browsing the forums than reading just the recommendations. It feels incredibly warm, as if you were listening to a group of friends giving out movie recommendations.

For example, I discovered Maleficent, the new Disney movie about the evil character in The Sleeping Beauty, through FunkyFlick and my fiancee and I went and bought cinema tickets about 24 hours later. The day after, we woke up early and went straight to the DVD rental store to borrow Finding Nemo, which we hadn’t watched years ago and that we found in an interesting discussion on the FunkyFlick forums where people said the movie uses a lot of scuba diving techniques. Too cool!

Oh, I used to look up movie reviews and opinions via Facebook, too, but since I stopped quite early– most comments on that social network were quite silly or downright rude, so I was happy enough to delete my account. I don’t think I’ll ever try Facebook again in the future…

It’s getting late here in Robocity, so I’m going to wish you goodbye and I hope to read your comments in the next few days. I love your feedback.

And let me know if there are any movies you would really love to recommend to me! I’m all ears. ;)

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Wow, I’m almost nineteen years old… I was a Leader at age 9, can you believe it?! And now that my mandate is about to expire, I feel so weird about it. Maybe nostalgic? Uhm. Guess I’m gonna miss it. A LOT. :)

Unfortunately, due to financial issues, I’m having troubles running our institutional website and that adds up to the sadness that in April of this year, I’ll no longer be a Leader. That will be very hard to adjust to, but it’s time for someone new to come in.

In order to keep busy, I think I will start working part-time for Fulmine’s essay writer service for students in need of some help. That could occupy my “non Leader time”, at least until I find something else to do, either here or outside of Robocity.

I’ll have to hear Selenia about it, too.

Any advice from you readers?

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I’m worried about my step mom, who is just beginning the first stages of menopause. :(

Dr. Firebot prescribed a low dose of progesterone for Ravenoria, and I’m glad to see the supplement had an almost instant effect. I couldn’t buy progesterone with my own money, so the doctor supplied it from his lab. I’m so thankful. :)

Mom Ravenoria’s moods are more in her control, she is less moody and snappy and sad and she doesn’t swing between these moods with the intensity or frequency she did without the progesterone. It has eased her hot flashes, too, which she is more than grateful for! She used to carry a little hand-held fan to cool herself down when the moment would strike her, but she is more often leaving that little device at home now when we go out because she no longer anticipates really violent flares like she used to get before the hormone therapy.

All in all, I think this was a wise move to buy progesterone to heal this kind of natural ‘hassle’, and I really admire Dr. Firebot. Ravenoria’s excited to move on to the next stage in her life, and she’s ready to do it with a much clearer mind and heart thanks to progesterone.

Next month I’ll buy progesterone to resupply Firebot’s lab. He deserves being paid back for his generous efforts. Best Robocitan EVER. I swear.